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At this time we do not require proof of vaccinations, but recommend that all dogs be up to date on Rabies and DHPP. Montana requires that all pets three months of age or older to have been vaccinated for Rabies. For pets younger than three months we recommend they have at least their first set of shots before being groomed.


Do your “Business” beforehand: Please take your pet to do its “business” before their appointment as they may naturally be nervous in a new/different environment with new people, pets, and smells. We do our best to provide your pet with a safe, clean and comfortable environment while in our care. Conducting “business” before grooming also saves you “rebathing” fees (up to 50% of the normal bath price) associated with having to bathe/blow-dry a pet who has had an accident waiting for parent pickup.

Dress appropriately: We do our very best to prevent any “great escapes”, but we need your help with this. We ask that all pets be on a leash that is attached to a collar or harness, or brought in crated while in our lobby. Please lock your retractable leash when entering the lobby to prevent the possibility of becoming tangled.Proper attire will help us ensure that no dog has the opportunity to dash out the door, or squabble with another four-legged client.


Please pick up your pet within 30-60 minutes of our “completion” phone call. Although we will always take good care of your pet, a shorter stay with fewer dogs in the salon makes for a more relaxing environment for everyone. Doing so also helps us, as we prefer to limit our occupancy to make a more pleasant environment for our four-legged clients.


We are fully equipped and trained to groom geriatric pets. Depending on the needs of your pet, we may provide a sanitation/comfort groom in order to minimize any discomfort from standing, etc. If your dog is considered a senior please print and fill out the form below to save time when dropping off your pet to be groomed.

If you are unsure of whether or not he/she is considered to be a senior please contact your vet, but a general rule is that any small to medium dogs (0-30 pounds) over the age of ten, medium to large dogs (31-65 pounds) over the age of eight, and extra large to giant dogs (66 pounds and up) over the age of six.


In extreme cases, we will not demat a pet. Excessive de-matting causes extreme discomfort to your pet, and can hide or aggravate existing skin problems.  Dematting, when a pet is in this condition, is a complete contradiction to the stress-free philosophy of our salon.

Excessive matting can be avoided with regular brushing and grooming. We will be happy to show you brushing techniques for mat prevention, and help you select a professional grooming schedule that works best for both you and your pet.


This policy does not apply to clients who call to cancel their appointment 24 or more hours in advance of the scheduled visit.

For missed appointments, a “No Show Fee” charge of up to ten dollars ($10.00) per dog will be charged to the clients existing account. Repeat offenders may be subjected to additional fees.

Please note that it has been and will continue to be, our policy to call or email and confirm appointments with our clients one to two days prior to each of their visits if requested, and all contact information is up to date.

Clients who cancel last minute or do not show up to three appointments, consecutive or otherwise, will be asked to prepay for any future appointments. 50% of the prepayment is non-refundable.


Pets dropped off after 10 am, and pets with “same day appointments” may be subjected to a convenience fee of up to ten dollars ($10.00). This will not include any clients on a waiting list for a specific date if we are able to accommodate them.


We do NOT offer refunds on any grooming services.  If you are, however, dissatisfied with the outcome of your pet’s groom due to; miscommunication with the groomer, too little or too excessive length removed from pets coat, or overall appearance of pet in general, you can notify us with in seven (7) days and we will arrange to have the service redone at your convenience and at no additional cost to you.

We sincerely thank you in advance for understanding our professional policies. Your patience and cooperation ensure our ability to provide you and your pets with the high standards of professionalism and customer service you have come to expect from us.

Thank you,
Paws Here Pet Styling

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